Located in Fall River County, South Dakota

Price: $1,400,000

Buildings: At the headquarters there is a modest older, two bedroom, full basement home; a 40x 80 Butler metal building with a full concrete floor; a 40x 80 slant wall building and some small wood frame livestock shelters and windbreaks. There is 36x 60 metal clad pole building at another location on the ranch

Water: The pastures are watered with reservoirs, seasonal creeks and a well. There is an area community pipeline available that the present owners have not accessed. The pipeline water is sourced from a well near Hot Springs, SD. Duck Creek enters the main body of the ranch on the northwest and crosses the property diagonally exiting on the southeast corner. This is not a rushing mountain stream, but a seasonal prairie creek that flows a modest stream in the spring months and then, as the dryer summer months come on, usually only the deeper holes provide stock water. Summer rains will refresh the water holes. There are several flats situated along the creek and area ranches, including this ranch, rely on these areas for hay production.

Grass: Western South Dakota is noted for its good grass and this ranch is no exception. It has been reasonably stocked over the years and the condition of the range is very good. The dominant grass variety is Western Wheat with several other grasses common, both cool and warm season varieties.

Possession: Shall be late fall (2002) unless otherwise agreed to.

Fences: The fences are in fair to good condition. Seller does not warrant fences to be exactly on property lines

Annual Precipitation. The ranch is located in a 16" annual precipitation area, with most of this amount coming in the form of rain. June is generally the main rain month. Wide variations in annual precipitation is not uncommon to the area.

Schools: Oelrichs is the location of both grade and high school. Hot Springs, the county seat, is also an option for schooling.

Oil & Mineral Rights: Seller will not reserve any of the subsurface rights, but makes no warranty as to amount owned.

Hunting: Big game animals include both whitetail and mule deer and pronghorn antelope (the neighbors buffalo are not included). Grouse and an occasional pheasant are also found on the ranch.

Taxes: $8316.00 (1999)

Title Insurance: Seller will, at his expense, provide Buyer with a title insurance policy in the amount of the sales price.

Community: This area is ranch/farm community with beef cattle the primary production. The main cash crop is winter wheat. Alfalfa does well in the area and nearly all ranches produce it as a winter-feed source. The nearby Angostura Irrigation Project provides irrigation to 12,500 acres, of which corn and alfalfa production are the main crops. The Angostura Reservoir is a man-made water impoundment on the Cheyenne River and, besides providing the water for the above described Bureau of Reclamation irrigation project, is a major water recreation site featuring water sports and fishing opportunity.

Brokers Comments: This is a good ranch in an area that is renowned for its excellent grass production. Area summer stock gains are usually exceptional and winter grazing, with small amounts of supplemental feeding, is common to the area. The strong soils are capable of excellent crop production with precipitation the limiting factor.

Chadron, Nebraska is the nearest agricultural service town and offers nearly everything in the way of services and goods that a rancher/farmer would need. Good livestock markets are available at several nearby towns. Prices received by producers in this area compare favorably to any place in the entire U.S.

The proximity of this ranch to the Black Hills, one of the west's most scenic areas, adds to the community value of this property. Winter and summer recreational choices are nearly unlimited. First class medical services are nearby (Rapid City is the regions medical center, offering a wide variety of advanced diagnostic and treatment capability). Advanced educational opportunities are plentiful. Clean air and low crime rates are a given. Its a nice place to live and work.

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