Cheyenne River Break Country

We, feel that some of the finest Mule Deer habitat on the North American continent is along South Dakota's Cheyenne River. The cedar timbered breaks and deciduous timber-bottoms (cottonwood, ash, box elder, and willow) on the Cheyenne and its tributary creeks coupled with the areas plentiful nutritious grass supports a liberal population of trophy-size bucks and doe.

This area is truly a sportsman's paradise and the game is not limited to Mule Deer. White-tail are found in good numbers on the creek and river bottoms where the deciduous timber, particularly willow and cottonwood, is thicker. Sharp-tail Grouse find the prairie grass and brush thickets to their liking and are abundant. Pheasant are found in the farming areas on the table-ground that is located near the river-break country. The Missouri River, into which the Cheyenne and other western South Dakota rivers empty, is one of the great waterfowl hunting areas of the United States. Many species of both Geese and Ducks use this flyway during both spring and summer seasonal flights and both nest on area ponds and reservoirs. The Black Tail prairie dog and coyote are native to the area and both are found in generous numbers. Pronghorn Antelope are common throughout most of the area, with large population in particular areas. The North American Bison (buffalo) is about the only native species that no longer free-roams the prairie, but many landowners are now producing this animal domestically, as an alternative to beef cattle, and large commercial herds are a common sight to the traveler.

We have dealt primarily with the Cheyenne River area because of its proximity to our main center of business activity and its accessibility both by road (Interstate #90) and airline service (Rapid City). However, other rivers of western South Dakota like the White, Belle Fourche, Moreau and Grand all offer habitat conducive to natural wildlife production and population.

If you would like to secure, through ownership, your own private hunting area and find the part of the country we have just described to your liking, we have a good inventory of properties and would like to work with you.

We have reliable ranch and farm operators that will lease these properties and use them in a fashion that will enhances game production and still give the owner a reasonable return on the investment.

As an example, we have a party that will lease, on a long term basis (10 years), a particular Cheyenne River ranch property (3500 acres) and pay a 5% net lease based on the ranch price. 5% by itself is not the greatest return, but 5% added to the worth of your own private hunting location, in prime game country, and the deal makes sense. A tangible asset in your investment portfolio may provide balance from the standpoint of diversification and prudent investing. Agricultural land as a store-of-value is worth considering on its own merit given present global population and improving economic conditions around the world.

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