Lead/Deadwood Area Lot



This is a photo of Deer Mountain and was taken a short distance from the building site and is typical of the views from the property.

Terry Peak, sister to Deer Mountain, both popular ski-slopes.


"The views from the property are, in a word, spectacular."

To get views like this, one must go to the mountain top.  This property is located on the "mountain top" and it is a pretty good incline getting to it; however, the road is good and it is used daily.


The Snowcat Rd. street sign on Englewood Rd.  White Creek ripples in the foreground.  Just off the Mickelson Trail, this property is quiet and secluded, but close to the Hill's action spots.


Recreational opportunity is as good as it gets. Skiing is nearby, snowmobile and 4-wheel riding trails are as good as they come.  Walking, horse-backing, hiking, and backpacking is popular.  The 109 mile Mickelson Trail is close by, as are other excellent hiking paths.  Nearby Dearfield Lake, other reservoirs and mountain streams offer the fishermen enviable opportunity for a catch.  Deer, elk, and turkey hunting is world class.


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