Tract 5

Millage Tract 5 Aerial Photo Here we have a variety of land types, on the southwest part we have strip-farmed land that is used for winter wheat production, then as one moves east the land is smooth well-grassed brakes leading north to the Bad River bottom land. The bottoms are large densely grassed native hay meadows bordered by heavy native ash and elm timber, interspersed with some cottonwood. Wild fruit, both chokecherry and plum bushes, are plentiful.
Millage Tract 5 Meadows
One of the large river-bottom meadows. This very productive land, the grass is thick on the ground and grows tall, producing heavy tonnage of high-quality hay. The timber makes great winter shelter.
Millage Tract 5 River Loop
The river makes a big loop and nearly all the center, with the exception of some on the north, is part of Tract # 5, as is lots of bottom to the east of the loop.
Millage Tract 5 Well
Creek bottom well. 60' deep, with 40' of galvanized pipe above the cylinder.
Millage Tract 5 Brakes
Smooth, western wheat grass covered brakes above the bottoms.
Millage Tract 5 Fresh Water
Run off from the recent rains make the new water a little cloudy, but it filled this dam and lots of others with very welcome fresh water.
Millage Tract 5 Cattle Grazing
Cattle graze the flat near the reservoir and the farmed strips.
Millage Tract 5 Buck Draw
As one can easily see, tract # 5 is deer country extra ordinary, both mule and whitetail are on the property in big numbers. This draw is located on the northeast corner of the farm ground, and Rich Millage, the owner, tells me that the bucks congregate in this draw just before the rut. Wintering on the nearby wheat fields makes for a year around diet of protein rich feed, which makes for big, aristocratic, heavy-horned bucks. Its a deer hunters paradise.
Millage Tract 5 Rich in Wheat
Rich Millage checks the head size on the growing wheat crop. With the recent moisture, a good crop, is a near certainty, plus the price is the best ever, with experts predicting the good prices are likely to be around for a long time given world demand.